General Reminder

2008-11-19 00:50:02 by Monodi

I am not dead. Just haven't updated the shit of this place.

Also, fuck calculus.

New Post Title

2008-03-06 17:27:11 by Monodi

Ok new one

Nothing new, I guess

2008-02-28 11:51:25 by Monodi

I dont use blogs that much, so no wonder you may lose contact with mt unless you are in AIM or MSN.


Uhhh I got pretty much raped in my analythic geometry score, I need to passs the following evaluations with 81% or over...

uhhh I am working in SnakeClock's Comfortably Numb collab (I wish I had any screenshots, sorry)

And... uhh...

thats it I guess



And so it begins... SquidBox!

2007-10-27 01:06:43 by Monodi

So yesterday Arturo, Flamil and me concieved this beautiful child we called SquidBox. What is it, you may wonder... Its nothing more than our official portfolio which will include tutorials in Flash, Art and Programmation, game reviews and news and even some comics! (which is still under construction, though)


In order to register you first need to get a membership on Wordpress. Don't worry, we will fix that later on.

So warm up the new sits while this is getting on. I myself am only the artist behind so I am not the guy to consult bugs yet. I will get into programmation sometime in the future.

Godspeed and have a nice weekend!

Awww Tom you sugar angel

2007-09-25 23:39:35 by Monodi

I was looking at the frontpage as I usually do and find out my buddy SplatterClock´s work there.

HOW? When? Cool! Thats all I reacted.

Just later I log in the ClockCrew BBS and he shows us how and why. You sometimes are so giver I feel bad for myself. (:

Anyway off topic. I have been having a reaaaaaaaally shitty week with the partials and my adult sister leaving with almost no money on hand (she should have only asked for some, silly) but is nothing I cant handle anyway.

I am trying to get my part of Master of Puppets Collab done, which is the longest about 22 seconds! And I only got around... 7 done in various months. Procrastination with school is a bad, bad mix for animated projects.

If you want some small sneak peeks, check out the links below. ge=monodimasterzombieff3.swf ge=masterofpuippetsxo2.swf

Have a good time and stay at school kids!

Oh, whoops forgor to put on my NG Blog...

2007-08-24 01:24:36 by Monodi

Hello hello my dear fellows, you may know me, you may not, I am Monodi as you see.

Just making use of this handy tool Tom and crew made us with love.

About me? Just a mexican nationality amateur Flash animator with over a year of experience already, I learned quick. I am also known as TequilaClock so some of the COLLABORATIVE PROJECTs you see are saved in 2 different accounts just to sort all my clock submissions in another one so people that just want the clock ones look at it.

Hoping I am your entertaining slave AKA jester for the following time, however is hard to get work in Flash with high school in front of me.

See you and good night.

PS: To see more of my stuff, go and check my Sheezyart page, I sort (almost) all my stuff there.